Surface treatment equipment that plays a key role in your everyday life

In a growing market for paper products, surface treatment equipment plays a key role in your everyday life. New technology from innovative companies enables the development of the circular economy.

With a strong customer focus and a business DNA built on innovation and reliability, UMV Coating Systems has become the global technology leader in the development and supply of surface treatment technology to the coated paper and board industries.

Surface treatment equipment and know-how

The UMV Coating Systems range of products and services includes all the equipment and know-how necessary for a successful coating operation.

UMV Coating Systems is a natural partner in the Paper Producers journey when developing new products, from trials to implementing coating equipment and continuous improvement of the process.

Sizing, pigmenting and coating

Advanced equipment for single or double-sided surface sizing, pigmenting and coating are in the portfolio. INVO® Coater and INVO® Tip are the latest of many unique products from UMV Coating Systems.

Benchmark coating profiles are the result of the ABC™ Profiling System that fits in any coater.

Save energy, boost production

INVO® Tip, the energy saving and production-boosting metering element for excellent fiber coverage, print quality coverage and barrier properties.

Over 600 installations

UMV Coating Systems has world-leading expertise within Coating and Sizing for the Board and Paper Industry. This comes from more than 50 years of global experience with over 600 installations. We serve our customers with innovative and cost saving technologies, consumables and machinery. At our cutting-edge Coating Pilot Plant our crew is at your disposal.