INVO® Tip Metering Element

Realizing the Greatest Savings Potential in Coating

UMV has developed an innovative and cost-saving metering element, the INVO® Tip. The INVO® Tip is a soft polymeric metering element that provides extremely consistent coverage and smoothness while reducing operating costs.

A polymeric tip must never run dry against the sheet since it will burn and all benefits are lost. UMV has solved this issue with the patented and award-winning design of the INVO® Tip. UMV now makes this unique product, the INVO® Tip, available to all customers.
Experience from INVO® Tip mills, shows that it is possible to achieve substantial savings in feedstock, coating color and ­energy with equal or better quality by using the INVO® Tip.

Many mills are using conventional, energy-consuming ­techniques, such as air-knife and curtain coater, to achieve good ­fiber ­coverage. INVO® Tip can do the job and ­substantially reduce ­energy consumption and increase production output. ­Additionally, it is possible to utilize a cheaper coating color giving equal or better coating quality than before. INVO® Tip can be installed in all existing coaters.

Cost Cutting Through

  • Less bleached fibers needed in top layer
  • Less and/or cheaper coating
  • Less energy

Growth Opportunities

  • New optimized grades
  • Increased output

Field Experience

  1. 25 % saving on coating color
  2. 20 % saving on bleached fibers
  3. 10 % saving on drying energy
  4. 10 % increased output


Board Mill Using INVO® Tip from UMV. ­Total ­investment less than € 100.000. ­Savings of about € 5 milion/year.


Example of Print Results


21 gsm total coat weight, with blade


17 gsm total coat weight, with INVO® Tip


INVO® Tip Offers Both Excellent Fibre Coverage and Improved Smoothness

  • Excellent fiber coverage and smoothness
  • Improved print quality
  • Increased production
  • Energy savings
  • Higher dry content
  • Cost reduction due to cheaper raw material
  • Excellent lifetime, runnability and coat weight control
  • Fits all of the existing coaters on the market
  • Offers excellent barrier properties
  • Less fiber and/or chemicals