Sustainable Barrier Coating

Combining INVO® Coater & INVO® Tip with a light touch of drying creates excellent barriers

The Paper and Board industries are seeking a working, effective and sustainable barrier technology with ­reasonable capital and running costs.

UMV has another approach to this: Multiple Barrier Coating with thin layers. After successful trials at the UMV Pilot Plant in Säffle, ­Sweden, the conclusion is rock solid. The concept is proven and is based on the combination of the zero dwell INVO® Coater and the resilient INVO® Tip metering element.

By using the UMV set-up for sustainable barrier coating, the ­capital costs can be reduced to a fraction of competing technologies.
The running costs are also favorable as UMV achieves full barrier with only a few gsm of coating media applied.

We allocate major resources to the field of barrier coating. ­Recent upgrades have ensured that the pilot plant can now also offer the best conditions for barrier applications.


Capital & running cost can be ­reduced to a fraction of ­competing technologies



  • Two coating stations, each equipped with drying
  • Cooling cylinder prior to pope reel
  • Web temperature monitoring system


  • The interaction between different layers can be optimized
  • Control of web temperature
  • No blocking