ABC Coater

Benchmark Efficiency & Flexibility

ABC Pneumatic Profiling

The system is based on the principle of the backing roll providing the reference point for the ­profiling system. This means that interference from the blade holder position or ­movement is ­eliminated. The result of this principle is a self-positioning system that delivers uniform and ­excellent profiles right from the start of the coating process.

The ABC control mechanism is reliable and developed to ­withstand the harsh environment in the coating machine. The control actuators are made of acid-proof stainless steel. The first actuator of this type was installed in 1998 and they have proven to be maintenance-free. Want to know more?

Benefits of ABC Pneumatic Profiling


  • Immediate flat cross-direction profiles
  • Repeatable and uniform quality
  • Allows for quick grade changes
  • Large coat weight range with uniform profiles also when ­applying high coat weights


ABC Coater with ­Excellent Runnability for High Product Quality


ABC Profiling in Manual Mode (without QCS link)

The ABC system delivers excellent profiles also in manual mode due to the self-positioning. This is shown by the ­initial 2-Sigma values that are achieved. The product is in quality already from the start.

ABC Profiling in Auto Mode (with QCS link)

The ABC profiling can be linked to the QCS system, the final result is based on the capability and quality level of the QCS system.

CD CW 2-Sigma (gsm)


Chart showing the 2-Sigma value over time. The first 2-Sigma value from the scanner is normally twice as good compared to a ­conventional system.

MD CW (gsm)


Chart showing the repeatability of the ABC™ System. The settings from previous production are valid.


ABC™ Coater with Excellent Runnability

  • Roll or Jet Application
  • Metering methods:
    • True stiff blade
    • Stiff blade
    • Bent blade
    • Rotating rod
    • INVO® Tip

ABC™ Coater Profiling Options

  • ABC™ Pneumatic System in Automatic or Manual mode
  • Conventional profiling mode, by means of electric step motors or manual set screws