UMV Coating Systems to upgrade Stora Enso Ingerois Board Machine in Finland

Stora Enso have selected UMV as the supplier of a major coating section upgrade on their BM4, the 4.7 m wide machine produces high quality folding box board.

The delivery contains the unique zero dwell time coater INVO® Coater combined with the award winning INVO® Tip metering concept.


“Our choice is based on the flexible and innovative approach of UMV to help us in improving our production process and adding more value to our products by providing new solutions. We considered all available coating technologies and chose INVO® Coater as the best fit for our purpose”

Antti Veitola, Production Manager, Stora Enso


Start-up and commission is scheduled in the beginning of 2017.


For more information please contact:

Daniel Ragnarsson, Sales Director UMV
+46 522 982 81