Video – Optimization of coating with water based barriers

Sustainability for personal health is one of the world’s most important challenges. Consumers are pursuing for “green” products and in addition to this there are increased regulations set by authorities for packaging material and waste. Fluorochemicals and fossil based medias are to be avoided.

Barrier layers can be applied in different ways and there is a huge potential in optimizing the properties by studying application dwell and metering method. A coating double layer will further improve barrier properties for high demanding applications.

The following video demonstrates application of olive oil on paper samples coated with water based barriers, basis weight of the paper is 39 g/m².

Rod- and resilient tip metering are compared, other application methods such as blade coating, film press and curtain coater were excluded from this test as each of these methods have limitations in barrier coating.


The full study report in PDF is available for download on this web site on May 1st. You can also send your contact information to and the report will be sent to you by e-mail.