The LAS® Moisturizer and Decurler

- Uniform application
- Excellent controllability simply by setting transfer roll speed
- Predictable and repeatable conditions/results
- Runs from low to high speeds – 2 000 m/min
- Practically no surveillance/attention needed
- Horizontal or vertical installation for optimal layout
- No streaks
- No clogging
- No parts subject to wear and tear.

Flow dynamics

The LAS® Moisturizer and Decurler is a well-proven technology with more than 200 installations in the paper, board and converting industries worldwide.

LAS® moisturizes one-side coated paper and board to decurl it. It can also be utilized for surface sizing and pigmenting

No parts subject to wear and tear

The LAS® consists of three vital parts: the applicator/metering roll, the hydrophilic transfer roll and the backing roll. There are in principle no parts subject to wear and tear. The standard maintenance procedure is to clean the transfer roll thoroughly and grind the applicator roll once a year.


The applicator roll, immersed in the pan, carries water to the metering zone, applicator/transfer roll nip, and meters the media. The hydrophilic roll transfers the media to the web. The transferred amount of coating/media is controlled by the speed of the hydrophilic roll –increased velocity results in an increased amount.

The moisture addition increases as the speed of the transfer roll increases. The accuracy of water addition is extremely high. The curl is directly dependent on the amount of water added and can be controlled to <± 1 mm. The curl is controlled toward the treated side. The decurling effect is lasting.


The LAS® is supplied in horizontal and vertical design for optimal layout. It can be installed in positions with limited access such as in a basement or upper floor, as it requires very little surveillance/attention by operators.

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