The New INVO® Coater from UMV

INVO® Coater, INVO® Tip and ABC™ Coater are Probably the Best Inventions Since the Start of Coating and Sizing?

The INVO® Coater is a compact combination of a Jet Coating applicator with a System for conventional rod or INVO® Tip metering.

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UMV is continuing to upgrade its Pilotline

The latest feature is a new cooling roll. This is very useful for especially barrier coating. It...

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Promising Pilot Run for Future Fossil Free Barrier

UMV Coating System is about to crack the code of how to coat papers and cardboard with fossil free...

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Paper & board

UMV is a world leading solutions provider for the coating, sizing and surface treatment needs of the global paper- and board industry.

Barrier coating is also prioritized for UMV where we can offer cutting edge solutions by eg INVO® Tip coaters or LAS®.

Coating blades

UMVs patented INVO® Tip offers all the benefits of a resilient soft tip and in addition unique features giving the customers improved quality and reduced operational cost compared to rod and blade.

The award winning INVO® Tip metering element is an example of a unique UMV invention which gives the customers comparable results to curtain coating at the fraction of the capital cost.

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